CARFAC/RAAV Minimum Fee Schedule 2016

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Schedules for Copyright Royalties / Fees

Since 1968 CARFAC has issued schedules of royalties or fees for the use of the copyrights of visual/media artists. The schedules were initially developed by Jack Chambers and Tony Urquhart in 1968 and have been updated by CARCC over the years based on discussion with artists and users, negotiation, and factors like the cost of living. RAAV, founded in 1989 to serve the artists of Québec, upholds the same principles – that artists must be fairly compensated for uses of their works.

All fees are considered minimum payments for the use of the copyrights and/or the professional services of visual and media artists. Some fees include the CARCC administrative fee and others do not – the inclusion will be indicated as the fees are listed. Copyright use royalties / fees are subject to sales tax. The rates listed do not include sales tax. All rates are in Canadian dollars. Please note that we do not put dollar signs beside every number.


CARFAC/RAAV Minimum Fee Schedule - Effective January 1, 2016
A.0 Fee Schedule Guidelines 2016

A.1 Exhibition Fees 2016

A.2 - A.4 Reproduction Fees 2016

B.1 - B.4 Advertising / Commercial Fees 2016

C.1 - C.3 Artists' Professional Fees 2016

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