Related organizations:

CARFAC National (Canadian Artists Representation / Le Front des artistes canadiens) Please consult CARFAC National’s website for up-to-date contact information for all the regional organizations. 

RAAV (Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec) partners with CARFAC National in the representation of visual and media artists in Canada and Québec.

Information on copyright:

The Canadian Copyright Act (C-42)

Canadian Copyright Guide  

Copyright Board of Canada

Legislative context:

Canadian Heritage / Patrimoine Canadien especially Copyright Policy Branch 

Legal Advice

Artists' Legal Advice Service - ALAS

ALAS lawyers can provide summary legal advice on arts-related problems.

Who can use ALAS?

If you are an artist resident of Ontario, ALAS can help you identify an
arts-related legal problem, advise you about how to deal with a given
situation, or suggest how to prevent future problems.

Issues typically dealt with include Contracts, Defamation, Copyright,
Trademarks & Royalties or other payments.

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