2018 CARFAC – RAAV Minimum Copyright and

Professional Fees Schedules

Since 1968 CARFAC has issued schedules of royalties or royalties for the use of the copyrights of visual/media artists. The schedules were initially developed by Jack Chambers and Tony Urquhart in 1968 and have been updated by CARCC, now Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts visuels, over the years based on discussion with artists and users, negotiations, and factors like the cost of living. 

RAAV (Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec), founded in 1991 to serve the artists of Quebec, upholds the same principles – that artists must be fairly compensated for uses of their works. At the same time, RAAV and its copyright society, SODART, had elaborated similar royalty schedules.

In 2004, an agreement was made to unify all the schedules into the CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Royalty Schedule. This schedule is now called :

CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Copyright and Professional Fees Schedules


Grille RAAV-CARFAC de redevances minimums de droits d’auteur et d’honoraires professionnels.


All royalties and professional fees are considered minimum recommended payments for the use of the copyrights and the professional services of visual and media artists.

Artists remain free to request higher royalties or fees from users.

Copyright royalties, professional and administrative fees are subject to sales tax. The rates listed do not include sales tax.

All rates are in Canadian dollars.

Effective January 1, 2018.

CARFAC/RAAV Minimum Fee Schedule - Effective January 1, 2018
A.0 Copyright Fee Schedule Guidelines 2018
A.1 Exhibition Copyright Fees 2018
A.2 - A.4 Reproduction Copyright Fees 2018
B.1 - B.4 Advertising / Commercial Copyright Fees 2018
C.1 - C.3 Artists' Professional Services Fees 2018