CARCC-Copyright Visual Arts’ Registration Service serves to assist in establishing the identity and date of completion of visual designs: i.e. for stage environments, submissions, or other projects/works.

Registration of the documentation of the design/creation provides evidence of the Artist's authorship of the visual design registered and of the date of its registration.

A visual artist has copyright in the material by virtue of the act of creation. Registration as of a certain date can provide confirmation of that creation.


  • Fill the Request of Copyright Registration form.
  • Join documentation of the design to be registered
  • Mail to the address given below

All material must fit into an 8½ x 11" envelope.

Include name, address, and phone number.

Include the appropriate registration fee:

Members $ 25.00

Non-members $ 50.00

Cheques are payable to CARCC-Copyright Visual Arts

Fees include GST

When the documentation of the visual design is received, it is dated, given a registration number, sealed in a registration envelope, and safely stored. 

The Artist is given a receipt and registration number.


The Registration of deposited material is valid for a term of five years. An Artist may renew the registration for additional terms upon the payment of the current registration fee. If no renewal is received within thirty days of the expiry of a term, CARCC-Copyright Visual Arts will destroy the registered material or return the registered material to the Artist if so directed.


The registration loses all value if the Artist withdraws the material, as there will no longer be evidence that the material has been in CARCC-Copyright Visual Arts’s charge since the date of deposit. If the Artist finds it necessary, the material can be returned upon written request from the Artist.

When the registration is in the names of more than one Artist, the written consent of all is required to authorize a withdrawal.

Under no circumstances will registered material be allowed out of CARCC-Copyright Visual Arts files unless by court order. No information regarding the registration or the existence of any registration will be given to anyone other than the Artist/Artists, without either the authorization of the Artist/Artists or a court order.


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